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Tikun OrmusTikun Ormus - Benefits of Gold

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There are 2 main types of "Gold" minerals.

The first is Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold which is collected using a very low voltage electrical current in the same way that colloidal silver is collected.

The second "Gold" is Mono-Atomic Gold.

Mono-Atomic Gold is still being "explored" but there are a few absolutes which have been proven so far.

According to the research done by David Hudson et al, Mono-Atomic Gold is critical for higher brain functions. It increases cognizance and lucidity in "most" people who have taken Mono-Atomic Gold.

Mono-Atomic Gold was know about, manufactured and used by people in ancient Egypt (Khemet) several thousand years ago and they somehow manufactured this without the chemicals we currently use today.


You will read a lot of rubbish about Mono-Atomic Gold which has been written by people who only bathe at the summer equinox, please be careful what you believe.

While Mono-Atomic Gold is showing great promise with many kinds of incredible potential benefits, beware of the Shills and Snake Oil salesmen who are either greedy, stupid or work for dis-information agencies.

Tikun Ormus Mono-Atomic Gold

Tikun Ormus contains Mono-Atomic Gold in proportion to the sea salt matrix from whence the salt originated.

This means that we do not exaggerate or mislead you about the Mono-Atomic Gold content of our products.


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