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Tikun Ormus
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Tikun OrmusWhat is Ormus?

Apart from the historical Kingdom of Ormus (circa 10th - 17th century), these days, ORMUS is "commercially" one of 2 things.

1. Ormus or Orme's is "Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements". Simply put this where metals such as gold, silver etc are reduced to individual atoms.

2. Ormus is a "common" name given to Mono-Atomic* and Pico elements (minerals) found in sea water (common salt minerals).

Our Ormus

The ORMUS we will be discussing here is the SEA WATER or SALT kind.

Tikun ORMUS is extracted from Salt Water and washed multiple times to remove the "food grade" acid used to separate these minerals from the Sodium Chloride (Salt).

Tikun Ormus is concentrated so that you get a much greater benefit from our product.

Too Much Salt

As you know, too much sodium chloride is not healthy for you. That is why we extract the minerals and throw away the sodium chloride.

So What Is Tikun Ormus?

Tikun ORMUS are minerals which have been removed from sea salt (salt water).

These are the minerals that your body and especially your brain requires to stay healthy.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from our Tikun Ormus as much as our other customers do.

Magnetically Charged

Using the earths natural magnetic grids, all of our Tikun Ormus is magnetically charged for greater benefits. ***

NOTE - Sulfur

The "Black ORMUS" does contain natural sulfur so please consider this IF you have an allergy to sulfur.

The sulfur is added because it is helps with many of your body's functions and has also been found to help fight depression, fatigue and degenerative diseases.

More info on the benefits of Sulfur can be found here.

  • * Mono-Atomic is often mistakenly referred to as MonAtomic


You may be surprised to learn that if you are using TABLE SALT, then you are using a product which is the OPPOSITE of what we sell, and goes through a similar process that we use and that the minerals have been extracted leaving behind a toxic and potentially fatal product called Table Salt (which is why doctors tell us to use this product in moderation).

This table salt is then mixed with powdered aluminum or talc to stop clumping. Something that the MAYO CLINIC website fails to mention and we can only assume this error is deliberate given their level of knowledge. (Ref 1 | Ref 2 | Ref 3)

*** LEY LINES: Whether you believe in them or not, almost all of the ancient races did. From the Australian Aboriginies, the Egyptians, the Inca, the Druids and Celts (who ranged right across western Europe at one stage), ancient India and many other people speak of these "invisible" yet powerful lines. [1] [2]

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