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Tikun OrmusTikun Ormus is Chelated

We double Chelate our products so that you get maximum benefit.

Some people think that only metals complexed with amino acids are chelates.

In reality, a chelate is any metal that is attached to an anion (negatively charged group) with more than one attachment site.

Chelation means that the anion has two or more separate sites to which the metal is bonded.

Considering this definition, a relevant example of a chelate is ferrous gluconate.

Gluconic acid, C6H12O7, has two bonding sites: the ionic acid oxygen (-COO-) and the oxygen on the hydroxyl group (-OH). Both sites form bonds with the metal ion Fe2+.

The chemical structure shown below for ferrous gluconate shows that the metal ion (Fe+2) is bonded in two places with each anion.

Bioavailability Advantage of Mineral Chelates

Chelated minerals are the preferred choice of many nutritionists because their complex structures better survive passage through the stomach and into the small intestine where absorption into the bloodstream takes place.

The reason chelated minerals can survive the onslaught of acid and enzymes in the stomach is because they are bound to ligand anions in multiple locations, as described above.

The strength of the multiple bonds between the chelator and metal ion hold the mineral complex together through the acidic environment of the stomach and into the small intestine.

With non-chelated minerals, stomach acid easily liberates the metal ion.

UN-chelated Iron causes your bowel to turn black and have a horrible smell. It also can easily cause metal toxicity which is harmful and may be fatal in large enough doses.

The large macromolecules are more readily absorbed through the intestinal wall than free ions, which are typically flushed through the intestine without being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Simply Put

Chelated minerals are superior to non-chelated minerals in almost every case, especially for human consumption and absorption.

Tikun Ormus is chelated.

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