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Tikun OrmusTikun Ormus - Benefits of Sodium

Sodium is one of the minerals that helps to regulate fluid levels in the human body.

Sodium and your body's water balance are closely linked. The lack of sodium and the loss of water from the body can cause your blood to thicken to the point that you black out due to the lack of blood flow to the brain.

This is a common occurance when people try and cross deserts or hot arid area's without enough water.

Sodium gateways and channels are what pump water into the cell and regulate the amount of extracellular fluid in the body.

Absorption of sodium in the body's small intestine aids in the absorption of chlorides, amino acids, glucose and water.

Sodium also helps in the re-absorption of these nutrients after being filtered from the blood by the kidneys.

Sodium is an extremely important electrolyte and an essential ion present in the extracellular fluid (ECF).

One of the health benefits of sodium is the pivotal role it plays in enzyme operations and muscle contraction.

It is very important for osmoregulation and fluid maintenance within the human body.

Some other health benefits of sodium include improved heart performance, nervous system and glucose absorption.

Sodium is needed for blood regulation.

Serious impairment of bodily function is caused due to the absence of sodium.

It is a versatile element and occurs in more than eighty different forms.

Sodium regulates the bodily fluids and transmits electrical impulses in the body.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, heat has no effect on sodium.

Therefore, it can be used in different ways and preparations without losing its effects.

Also, Sodium is an important constituent of nerves and helps regulate muscle contractions.

Although sodium is an essential nutrient in any balanced diet, it can also cause stomach cancer and hypertension.

People suffering from kidney problems or edema should restrict their intake of sodium to protect against those health risks.

Deficiency Symptoms of Sodium

The recommended intake of sodium is 2400mg/day.

If you do not supply your body with enough sodium, the deficiency symptoms can range from irritating to fatal.

One of the most seriously impacted areas of the body is the nervous system, which will begin to shut down.

Brain Function

The brain is very sensitive to change in sodium levels of the body; deficiency of sodium often manifests as confusion and lethargy.

Sodium aids in keeping the mind sharp, and it is an important element for the development of the brain, since sodium works to improve brain function.

Muscle Cramps

These are caused mostly during the hot summer months due to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Along with properly hydrating the body, it is also important to supplement one's body with sodium-rich juices and fluids to restore the amount of electrolytes.


Sodium is an important hydrating product contained in many anti-aging creams.

It defends against the free radicals that accelerate the aging process.

Furthermore, it helps to restore youthful and healthy skin.

Eliminates Excess Carbon Dioxide

Sodium plays an important role in the removal of any excess carbon dioxide that has accumulated in the body.

Regulates Glucose Absorption

Sodium helps to facilitate the absorption of glucose by cells, resulting in the smooth transportation of nutrients in the body's cell membranes.

Maintains Acid/Base Balance

By altering the proportions of acid-base alkali phosphates in the body, sodium controls the reaction of the kidneys and the frequency and content of urination.

Regulation of Fluids

One of the most notable health benefits of sodium is its ability to balance the osmotic pressure in the human body due to the regulation of fluid in the body's cells.

Balance of Ions

Sodium shares an association with chlorides and bicarbonates in maintaining a sound balance between two types of ions, both positively charged ions and negatively charged ones.

Maintains Heart Health

Sodium can help to maintain normal contractions of the heart.

Sodium plays a vital role in maintaining the blood pressure of the human body, but an excessive increase in sodium content can dramatically boost the blood pressure and result in serious health complications.

Sodium deficiency include the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Muscular irritability

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