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Tikun OrmusThe Benefits of Iron

The lack of iron causes Anemia.

Anemia is bad.

Low iron makes you tired (amongst other things).

Many tablet makers use synthetic iron (why? I do not know) and while this may be beneficial to a degree, it is NOT as good as natural iron is.

Tikun Ormus uses natural iron and then we chelate this iron so that you get even greater benefits.

Some Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Experimental evidence shows very clearly that "pica" is a specific sign of iron deficiency.

Pica can drive children and adults to eat ice (pagophagia), dirt (geophagia) or lead paint.

Iron deficiency results from pregnancy, menstruation, chronic infections, hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid from salt restricted diets), chronic diarrhea, chronic bleeding (i.e.- cancer, ulcers, parasites, etc.) and impaired absorption (i.e. high fat diets, celiac disease, etc.).

Symptoms of iron deficiency include listlessness, fatigue, heart palpitations on exertion, reduced cognition, memory deficits, sore tongue, angular stomatitis, dysphagia, hypochromic microcytic anemia.

Stomach hydrochloric acid is required for optimal absorption of iron, ascorbic acid increases absorption of iron, clays and phytates decrease absorption of iron, the RDA of 18 mg per day as metallic iron is very low especially if one is a vegetarian or vegan eating high fiber, high phytate plant material.

Excessive Iron AKA: Haemochromatosis (iron overload disorder)

Excessive Iron may cause cirrhosis of the liver, fibrosis of the pancreas, diabetes and heart failure - these diseases are apparently not direct affects of iron per se, but rather the indirect "knock on" affect excessive iron causes. It increases the need for more selenium, copper, zinc, etc thereby apparently overloading our system.

The top five health benefits of iron are:

1. Hemoglobin formation:

The main health benefit of a diet high in iron is the formation of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is the principal carrier of oxygen throughout the body and gives the dark red color to blood.

2. Oxygen carrier:

One of the most important health benefits of iron is that it acts as a carrier of oxygen and helps transfer oxygen from one body cell to another.

This a critical function of iron as oxygen is required by each and every body part to perform routine body functions.

3. Muscle function:

Iron is a vital element for muscle health and is found in myoglobin, a muscle protein.

Myoglobin carries oxygen from hemoglobin and diffuses it throughout muscle cells. This required for contraction of muscles.

4. Brain function:

Our brain uses approximately 20% of the oxygen in our bloodstream.

Iron helps supply oxygen to blood making it very important for brain health.

5. Iron deficiency anemia:

When the body's iron levels become severely depleted, you may get anemia.

Iron is also important in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia and helps cure general symptoms of anemia like fatigue, body weakness, headaches, and enhanced sensitivity to cold temperatures.

A host of other chronic ailments including renal failure anemia and predialysis anemia are also helped by adequate iron intake.


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