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Tikun OrmusTikun Ormus - Benefits of Silicon

Very few people in Australia know about or even understand just how important Silicon (Silica) is for their health and "their physical looks".

Do not confuse silicon with silicone.

Silicon (found most often in a form called silica) is among the most understood of all the trace minerals in terms of the benefits it provides to bone health.

Silicone is a plastic often associated with mold building.

Silicon (silica) is essential for plant life (cell structure) and the exciting news it is becoming the next "Big Thing" for human health.

Silicon is present in important quantity in most of organic tissues, bony tissues, and connective tissues.

In the human body, it is in higher concentration (7g) than Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu).

It potentialize the action of Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) and allows the fixing of Calcium (Ca).

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide is a trace mineral found naturally in many plant foods and is added to many multivitamin supplements (often as a "filler").

Silicon is necessary for healthy bones, skin, hair and nails and joint mobility.

Research indicates that a lack of this mineral may lead to arthritis, poor bone formation, unhealthy skin and poor tooth development.


Silicon dioxide also counteracts the effects of aluminum in the body, which may help prevent Alzheimer's disease. (to which aluminum has been linked)


Human studies in 1979 showed that silicon supplementation increased bone volume. In 1990, it was shown that silicon had a positive effect on osteoporosis.

The 1990 found it an absolute necessity for the proper function of skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Additional human studies in 1993, 1998, and 2000 showed that OSA supplementation improved bone mineral density.


As a trace mineral, only a small amount of silicon dioxide is needed daily. Many nutritionists believe the human body requires about 5-10 mg of this mineral each day.

Do You Have Wrinkles?

The deficit in organic silicon from the forty provokes a dryness and a released of the skin and his lack induces also wrinkles.

The elastic fibers crumple and the lines of fractures form the wrinkles.

There again, the organic silicon is one of the essential provisions of synthesis of the collagen fibers and of elastin that allows the skin to preserve or to rediscover his elasticity and his integrity.

Once refilled in silicon, the skin rediscovers its youth property and can again fight actively the processes of the ageing.

In fact, the presence of the organic silicon in the skin cells revitalizes the collagen and elastin factories, reinforces the cell membranes to arm them against the free radical one and revives the hydro regulation of the cells of the epiderm.

The activity of the skin cells is thus relaunched.

The quantity of organic silicon diminishes with the ageing, and this in a irreversible manner, because the human body is incapable TO TRANSFORM the mineral silicon that it ingests ( foods, drinks) in organic silicon.

The "mineral" silicon per se, is NOT ASSIMILABLE (in its raw state) by the human body.

This is to say the importance of this organic composite to all the ages and particularly during the third age to warn and avoid the deteriorations of reticule - endothelial tissues, collagen, and the scleroses by calcification of tissues, the weakening of the bones, and bony diseases by decalcification (osteoporosis) by continuation of the difficulties of the fixing of calcium.

The works of Odier and Zeller show the essential role that plays the silicon at the connective tissue level.

Thus, it was observed that the silicon is essential for the synthesis of the collagen fibers and of elastin in connective tissue.

All lack or impoverishment of these tissues in silicon lead to a loss of their elasticity and of their integrity.

Organic silicon therefore are indicated to act on wrinkles, vergetures and to improve the elasticity of the skin.

There are many reasons for silica supplementation, including:

  • Silica Inhibits the aging process in tissues
  • Silica helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix. Strengthens weak connective tissue and improves its structure and function
  • Silica is vital for articular cartilage development. It has an solidifying action (in the ossification process or of bony remineralisation, and a flexibility and elasticity action on tendons, joints and skin
  • Silica supports the inner lining of arterial tissue and increases the elasticity of blood vessels. Increases the elasticity and firmness of blood vessels, making them less likely to develop atherosclerosis - when silicon rejuvenates connective tissue, atherosclerotic swelling vanishes
  • Silica can help maintain a youthful skin tone and increase collagen levels
  • Silica helps hair grow thicker and stronger and nails grow faster and harder
  • Silica stimulates the immune system to fight off disease-causing invaders - bacteria; viruses; toxins, since it is essential to the triggering process of manufacture of the antigens and antibodies
  • Silica stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation, has mild disinfecting properties, and is an anti-inflammatory

Expected Results

  • Facilitates deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix
  • Aids in remineralizing the skeletal structure
  • Aids in articular cartilage development
  • Helps to strengthen connective tissue
  • Supports the structure and increases the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Helps to retain moisture in tissue right under the skin which can help prevent wrinkles
  • Helps promote healthy hair, skin & nails

Silica and Ageing Reversal

No conclusive data exist, but one thing is certain: poor nutrition plays a definite role in aging. How and why the body ages has been the subject of many books and postulations.

Silica Decrease

For some reason yet unknown, aging is associated with a decrease in the silica content of the body.

This observation has been interpreted as an indication of why we need to consider silica supplements as we advance in years.

This has led many to believe that silica may play a preventive role in aging and premature aging.

Considering the role that silica plays in maintaining the youthful appearance of hair, skin, and nails and its many valuable functions in disease prevention, it appears that silica should be more seriously seen as an essential element in the maintenance of youth and vitality of the body.

Taken orally, silica is easily absorbed via the intestinal wall. It is also rapidly and easily excreted; so regular, daily supplementation is important.

Because it is water soluble, Silica does not "build up" in the body.

No studies have found any negative effects of "too much" silica.

Unfortunately, natural levels of silica tend to drop with age.

Regular supplementation could make a significant difference in the quality of your life during later years.


Silicon is good.

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