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Tikun OrmusTikun Ormus - Benefits of Molybdenum

What is molybdenum?

Molybdenum is classified as a metallic element and found widely in nature in nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

It is essential in trace amounts for human, animal and plant health.

In humans and animals, it serves mainly as an essential cofactor of enzymes and aids in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Humans need only very small amounts of molybdenum, which is normally attained through a healthy diet.

Important Aide

Molybdenum helps to kick start four of your body's important enzymes.

It works as a co-factor for

  • sulfite oxidase: which is necessary for metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids
  • xanthine oxidase: which contributes to antioxidant capacity of the blood
  • aldehyde oxidase: which joins with xanthine oxidase in the metabolism of drugs and toxins
  • mitochondrial amidoxime-reducing component: which accelerates the removal of certain toxic substances

Helps Prevent Liver and Heart Damage

Tetrathiomolybdate is a form of molybdenum with four sulfur atoms, lowers copper levels in the body, which makes it effective in the treatment of fibrotic, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

A study published in the "Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry" in May 2006 noted that in animal studies tetrathiomolybdate dramatically inhibits pulmonary and liver fibrosis, which is thickening and scarring of tissue, helps prevent liver damage from acetaminophen and reduces heart damage from doxorubicin, a bacterial antibiotic.

Tetrathiomolybdate also shows a partially protective effect against diabetes.

How Much Do I Need Daily?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for men and women is 45 mcg (μg - micrograms) a day.

On average, Australians adult males have a daily intake of about 109 mcg while Australians women have a daily intake of about 76 mcg, well above the recommended amount.

The RDA for pregnant women and breastfeeding women is 50 mcg.

The risk of toxicity of Molybdenum in humans from food sources is very low.

The tolerable upper intake level (UL) for adults is 2 mg a day and occurs only through careless supplementation.


Although molybdenum does not have a known toxicity level in humans, taking high concentrations of molybdenum in supplements may have adverse effects on copper levels by interfering with its absorption.

One study found that high levels of dietary molybdenum, up to 1,500 mcg, caused excessive excretion of copper. (Copper is critical for your brain)

However, another study showed no negative effect of excess molybdenum intake (up to 1,500 mcg per day) on copper levels in humans.

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